Update Timeline

All updates from the past, included within the same major release.

16 October 2020

Cloud Chat 3 - 2.5.5

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

22 September 2020

Cloud Chat 3 - 2.5.4

Bug fixes due the new features in signup, important update!

18 September 2020

Cloud Chat 3 - 2.5.3

Easier way to manage client settings on signup, more options on payment packages, improved email sending and much more!

19 July 2020

Cloud Chat 3 - 2.5.2

Performance improvements, bug fixes and library updates. Also implemented the new cookie standard to be ready when it is mandatory.

15 June 2020

Cloud Chat 3 - 2.5.1

All reported bugs have been fixed, please update as soon as possible.

02 June 2020

Cloud Chat 3 - 2.5

Complete rebuild of Cloud Chat 3 with many new features like more chat widgets per customer, group chat, operator chat, improved chat bot and much more. We have also redesigned the complete back end.

Before June 2020

Cloud Chat 3

Please check in the change log file what has been done before June 2020.

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